Why CN Membership?

  • Financial Support & Mentoring
    • Eligibility to apply annually for a grant (averaging $3,000) to help offset printing costs
    • On-call tips and advice
    • In-person campus mentoring visits
  • All-Expenses Paid National Training Opportunities
    • Annual Editors Conference
    • Start the Presses! Conference
    • Professional Reporting Course
  • Professional Journalist Development
    • Paid journalism internships and fellowships at leading media outlets
    • Intern/Fellow Training Workshop
  • Intellectual Resources
    • Free books from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI)
    • ISI membership (Fellowship programs, honors program, conferences, lectures, debates and online resources)
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Access to the CN Forum
    • Alumni events
    • Access to a network of independent campus publications, dedicated alumni, and affiliated national publications and organizations that support independent campus journalism

Who can apply?

Any university student who has been inspired to start an independent publication dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas on campus, OR any existing independent student publication.

We do not support publications that engage in partisan political activity. Members adhere to a basic set of policies, such as staying in regular contact with the CN and submitting copies of all issues. We also expect members to uphold the standards of honest and responsible journalism.